Welcome to the Research Group Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Internet of Things (IoT) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Science

The research group Wireless Sensor Networks und Internet of Things has been founded by Prof. Dr. M.F.Wagner in the summer of 2009, based on the courses in the Master’s programs High Integrity Systems and BaSys – Intelligent Systems. Research and teaching has been going on in projects, lectures, Bachelor- and Master’s theses at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and in collaboration with other universities and companies. With the help of smart sensor networks physical phenomena in the real world should be monitored and connected with the digital world, without unnecessary intervention of the monitored processes. Actuator networks on the other hand allow the control of physical processes.
The deployment of self-organizing, mobile and wireless sensor/actuator networks as parts of Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS) is rising sharply. The application areas for these networks are broadly distributed. The following scenarios are only a small part of the application spectrum:

  • Data acquisition of environmental data with the goal of environmental modeling
  • Telemedicine and Environmental Physiology
  • Home and building automation
  • Distributed Data Acquisition, Analysis and Prediction
  • Localization of persons and devices
  • Localization and monitoring of animals

Currently we are using our own modules based on Atmel’s ZigBit architecture, but the laboratory is continuously extended with respect to other platforms.

The solution of a measuring problem can be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Setup of the WSN
  2. Interfacing the WSN with a PC, a mobile device, e.g. smartphone, or the Cloud
  3. Distributed data analysis and visualization on a PC, a smartphone or in the Cloud. The distributed architecture may vary according to the requirements of the application fields, e.g. reliability of the data transmission, resilience of the system, range, data security, pre-analysis on the sensor nodes, measuring accuracy, real-time aspects etc. The functionality of system components, e.g. sensor nodes, may be simple. The complete functionality emerges on the system level. All medical applications, i.e. Body Area Networks (BAN), are Safety Critical Systems (SCS). The development of SCS requires special and careful development methods based on Functional Safety Standards.

last update: 15-04-2020